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Sagittarius Strikers vs Capricorn Commanders Match 5th MCL T20

On 30th January 2016, two matches will be played one is Gemini Arabians vs Leo Lions which is going on and second is Sagittarius Strikers vs Capricorn Commanders which is 5th match of Masters Champions League. The match will be played on Dubai international Cricket stadium. Sagittarius Strikers has won their first match against Virgo Super Kings on 29 January 2016 on the same ground .

Sagittarius Strikers vs capricorn commandors

Adam Gilchrist will be the captain of Strikers and want to maintain the winning sequence of the team in MCL T20.

Sagittarius Strikers vs Capricorn Commanders Match 5th :

Venue : Dubai

Match no. : 5th

Toss : Capricorn Commanders won the Toss and elected to bat first.

Match Result : Commanders won the match by 3 Runs

Man of the Match : Abdul Razzak

Scorecard :

Commanders Batting card :

AG PRINCEb NM Hauritz292640111.5437
A SYMONDSb NM Hauritz15192078.9526
SALEEM ELAHInot out43452195.5653
PD COLLINGWOOD*run out (GM Hamilton)35006010
A RAZZAQc MA Carberry b Yasir Arafat39252215626
RK KLEINVELDThit wicket b K Santokie62013004
R CLARKEnot out11001001
EXTRAS(w 4, nb 3, lb 3)10
TOTAL(5 wickets; 20.0 overs)1467.30 RPO

Strikers Bowling Card :

TL BEST1.0010010
K SANTOKIE4.003117.7531.00(w 1)
YASIR ARAFAT4.003518.7535.00(w 2, nb 1)
DL VETTORI4.002506.25
NM HAURITZ4.00202510.00
YASIR HAMEED3.002207.33(w 1, nb 2)

Strikers Batting Card :

YASIR HAMEEDst GO Jones† b UDU Chandana323130103.2349
DPMD JAYAWARDENEc GO Jones† b R Clarke010002
AC GILCHRIST*†st GO Jones† b JS Patel574661123.9167
IJL TROTTc A Razzaq b JS Patel12141085.7117
MA CARBERRYc GO Jones† b A Razzaq191502126.6721
P MUSTARDlbw b B Laughlin130033.333
YASIR ARAFATnot out15920166.6719
DL VETTORInot out11001004
EXTRAS(w 5, lb 1)6
TOTAL(6 wickets; 20.0 overs)1437.15 RPO

Commanders Bowling Card :

R CLARKE3.00211721.00(w 4)
RK KLEINVELDT3.0032010.67
B LAUGHLIN4.002716.7527.00
UDU CHANDANA3.00181618.00(w 1)
JS PATEL4.001924.759.50
A SYMONDS1.0011011
A RAZZAQ1.005155.00

So this is all for the Sagittarius Strikers vs Capricorn Commanders Match. Stay tune with us for all MCL T20 action.

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