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New at Cricket? Know All Cricket Terminologies with Examples


Although cricket has already been played from a very early stage, its first known recording is in the late 16th century. Test cricket however become globally recognized in 1877 and has evolved dramatically since then.

Why don’t you begin familiarizing yourself with the pleasures of cricket by making a free bet on one of the many online cricket betting sites? After making a bet or two, you will definitely be interested in knowing more about what the game is all about with cricket terminologies…


When toggling through your television channels, you will see quite a few cricket channels, but what a misery it won’t be if you don’t know that much about cricket? Don’t fret as there is always someone that will come to your rescue and explain what cricket is about and how it is played.

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To make it easier to understand, here is a list of basic cricket terminology to ensure you know what is meant by each point in a cricket game with all cricket terminologies.

The Ashes

No, the cricket pitch is not burnt to ashes! The term refers to a series that is played between Australia and England. England usually gets really upset if Australia wins, thus the name The Ashes Series.

Field Boundary

When talking about boundary in cricket, it simply means the boundary of the field which will be marked by a fence of flags. When a player hits the ball over the boundary, it means that he hit it past the playing field point. It may be a Six or may be a four.

Caught and Bowled

When the batsman hits a ball, it can either be caught by the fielder or by the batsman. If the batsman catches the ball he just hit, it is explained that the ball has been caught and bowled.


Delivery means that there has been one ball bowled. There are a number of types of delivered balls which includes Full Toss and the Yorker, over pitch, bouncer and many more are there.



When talking about an edge, it means that the ball was hit with the edge or side of the cricket bat. Doing this makes the ball much easier to handle.


Follow on

In the case of four or five-day cricket, a team can choose to Follow on. This means that when one team wins the first innings and if they choose to Follow on, they need to bat again immediately. This poses a good advantage for the other team as they will then know exactly what number of innings they need in order to beat the other team.



When playing cricket, each team gets a turn to bowl and bat. These turns are known as innings.

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Hat trick

When a bowler gets three consecutive wickets with three consecutive deliveries, it is known that he has scored a Hat Trick.



Having three different meanings, it is important to understand the difference between each one. The term wicket can mean the piece of grass that two batsmen will stand on when playing or it can mean the wooden piece of the poles stranding upright behind each batsmen. It can also mean that the bowlers and fielders will attempt to make a wicket in order to get the batsman out.

No matter what terms are used when playing cricket, once you have seen that first ball being bowled, you will be hooked forever! so these are all cricket terminologies with are used in the game.

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